Light is Diet.
About LumiDiet
Lumidiet, in a word, is diet using lights.
The newly developed Lumidiet is a wearable health care device that uses lights to help users with decreasing fat from fat cells. Lumidiet is a device with very sophisticated and trendy design, which does not need any surgical treatment to lost fat.
In addition, with a motor-powered vibration added to the device, not only it enables faster elimination of fat cells solved by light penetration, but also gives users higher level of satisfaction through a more vivid performance and fit. The device can lead to a better outcome when combined with other exercises such as cardio.
The combination of LED light therapy technology and vibration helps your body to burn the fat more easily and faster : Melting down the fat by LED light first and helps burning of the fat by vibration later.

It is resistant against dust and sweat because LED pad contains the projecting LED lamps.
The soft and comfortable body fit on the bare skin with Silicon material. Trendy and minimal design for the young and trendsetting people. Good wearability designed for the active movement such as walking, jogging and the outdoor activities.
Flexible design to provide the natural fitting around the rounding belly. Simple operation of mode buttons.
Portability with a rechargeable battery.

When can I use it?
LumiDiet only requires 1 or 2 sessions per day and 30 minutes per session for the proper result. You can maximize the fat reduction effect by combining with exercises such as cardio.
Science & Technology
What is Light Therapy?
Light therapy(Phototherapy) is a way of treating diseases and helping body contouring/fat reduction by exposing our body to sunlight or an artificial light source with a specific wavelength and intensity. Artificial light sources such as halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps have mostly been used for light therapy. Fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamps, or halogen lamps, for example, could be used in the treatment of jaundice of infants as long as they could meet the irradiance, wavelengths, and effective surface area required by the light-therapy equipment. However, the excessive heat from halogen lamps and the long and large size of fluorescent lamps restricted the personal or home use of light therapy equipment.

The use of low-level visible or near-infrared (IR) light from lasers for light therapy, which is called low-level light therapy (LLLT), has been the mainstream light therapy since the invention of lasers. Many laboratory reports on the therapeutic effects such as wound healing and pain relief of LLLT and on the underlying biomedical mechanisms of LLLT have been written. But LLLT has also some limitations for personal or home use because of the complicated clinical setting, restrictions in wavelengths, and a limited area for light application. The narrow focal beam of lasers can be harmful for the eye and damage the tissue in our body.
Fat Loss Mechanism
Fat loss procedure
Fat loss procedure 1
Fat loss procedure 2
Fat loss procedure 3
The heat and light emitted from the Light pads stimulates the release of energy causing a physiological change in the body. The Light energy safely penetrates the skin targeting the fat cells in the Subcutaneous layer. This is the third layer of skin that contains the fatty tissues and stores energy.

The adding effect of Vibration
The following session of vibration during or after light treatment helps our body to burn the mobilized fat more easily if you are not able to take the proper exercise. The vibration also causes increased local circulation to targeted areas, giving the visible cellulite area a “smoother” look. It also stimulates all cells in the body, increases blood flow and oxygen intake and stimulates metabolism to help flush out toxins.
Clinical Test 1
Although many clinical researches about the efficacy and mechanism by which it causes loss of fat from fat cells have been made over the past years, we tried to get our result of effectiveness using our low-level laser therapy device intended for the future commercialization. This study examined the effectiveness and mechanism by which 635-680 nm LLLT(the combination of Red and Infrared LED) acts as a non-invasive body contouring intervention method.
As both LED and Control group were asked not to change their diet or exercise habits, the only difference was that the LED group were advised to get 30min. LED treatment before their exercise. This simple difference brought the remarkable change by both weight and girth loss and cosmetic improvement of waist appearance.

Especially we can see the slim muscle lines around belly from most LED group people comparing to their belly, which were surrounded by fat 4 weeks ago. LED efficacy for the spot fat reduction was also strongly proved by seeing the significantly cosmetic improvement around the waists of the LED group people less than 1.5kg weight change.
LLLT achieved safe and significant girth loss cumulative over 4 weeks. We’ve also got significant result of cell lysis, glycerol, and triglyceride release. The waistline loss gave significant cosmetic improvement statistically and visually.
Clinical Test 2
30-Day Project was designed to guide and help a group of individuals to realize hopes of getting back their ideal shapes of his/her body in their lives
1) Subject : Four healthy employees of different ages
2) Period: 2014. 12. 15.~2015. 01. 13 (30days)
3) Procedure:
- The project’s participants maintained their workout and diet plans
- The subjects wore LED Light Therapeutic Device on their belly before their workout (recommended 3~4 times a week)
- The subjects recorded their weight and waist size before and after the project and completed CT scans.
- Participants, regardless of whether they worked out or not, were directed to take pictures of their belly everyday.
Summary of Project result
- The results were proportional to the number of light radiation and the total amount of cardio exercises.
- As the decrease in waist sizes came out to be more notable than the decrease in weights, we judge that the result matches the theory that LED light therapy has effects on abdominal fat dissolution.
- It is proven once more that areas where LED light is topically applied can result in fat cell reduction, and the results of decrease in waist size were visible clearly around their belly in the pictures of before and after.
Clinical Test
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웨어러블 헬스케어기기 전문기업
Light Therapy 기술에 ICT 접목한 다이어트 벨트 개발하다
- 시사뉴스타임 -
IBM·삼성·야후 거친 IT전문가, ‘다이어트 벨트’를 만들다
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‘루미다이어트’ 헐리우드 시상식 공식 다이어트 벨트로 선정
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double H
Double H is a start-up venture based in Seoul, Korea. Double H aims to provide differentiated wearable health-care devices by combining light therapy technology with ICT technology. We developed and extended the use of LED technology devices, which previously has been utilized mainly for medical purposes, to personal devices not only with very sophisticated and creative design, but also with safety and differentiated functions. We also integrated ICT technology by adding a sensor to the device.
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